Best Conditioners For Every Hair Type and Texture 

Dry, frizzy and weak hair are common problems that almost everyone faces at some point in time. From harsh weather conditions to excessive heat styling, colouring, and overwashing, all of these factors contribute to damaged hair.

A good conditioner is essential for hair health. While the shampoo cleans the hair and removes oil and buildup, a conditioner nourishes your hair and provides moisture to prevent split ends and dryness.

When you find the best hair conditioner for your hair type, you will immediately notice a difference in your hair. For example, dry ends will look healthier, dull colours will appear lighter, and bleached strands can quickly be restored to their original condition.

The No Apology verdict is here on which is the best hair conditioner for each hair type. It ranges from a light conditioner for fine hair to the most buttery conditioner for coils and kinks. So keep reading as we might just have what you’re looking for.


Which Hair Type Are You?

Before choosing the best hair conditioner, you need to determine your hair type. Even though everyone is different, it is easy to identify your hair type by asking some questions. Your hair type and texture will influence how a product works for you. Moreover, different hair types are susceptible to different problems, so it is essential to assess your options carefully.

Four key elements should be considered when defining your hair type:

  • Volume: Thick or Fine
  • Treatment: Natural vs Relaxed
  • Colour: Natural vs Dyed
  • Texture: Curly or Straight


  • Volume: Thick or Fine

Shampoo advertisements boast beautiful, bouncy locks and silky hair. But some people feel their hair lacks shine. Lucky are those who have thick hair naturally. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t have them too. If you want to increase hair volume, all you need to do is take proper care of your hair. A nourishing conditioner can work wonders for hair that is both dry and coarse. It will help your hair look and feel healthier.

  • Treatment: Natural vs Relaxed

Relaxing is done on naturally curly hair to straighten it chemically with a hair relaxer. It eliminates the need for regular heat styling. Such treatments can make your hair more prone to dryness and breakage. Although the results are long-lasting, these treatments can worsen your hair problems. However, if you have relaxed hair, using a moisturising conditioner after every hair wash can help reverse the damage.

  • Colour: Natural vs Dyed

Some of the most widely used chemical treatments include artificial colouring, highlights, bleaching, and dyeing. However, excessive colouring can make your hair look weak, dull and frizzy. A good conditioner can nourish damaged hair shafts and stimulate the scalp.

Choosing the best hair conditioner for coloured hair is similar to selecting a suitable moisturising cream for any skin type. It’s about finding natural ingredients, an effective moisturiser, and a slip source. These factors will ensure that your moisturising conditioner creates the right environment for proper hair growth and a healthy scalp.

  • Texture: Curly or Straight

If you have naturally curly hair, you will have curls no matter what conditioner you use. On the other hand, a conditioner won’t cause curls in those with naturally straight hair. People with naturally curly hair might experience more greasy buildup on the scalp and dry ends. This is because the sebum from hair roots gets trapped in your curls, preventing it from reaching your hair ends.

If you have naturally curly hair, you need to use a moisturising conditioner to hydrate your hair between washes. It is also recommended to wash your scalp more often with a good shampoo and conditioner.


Best Hair Conditioner for Women 

Dry, dull and frizzy hair is definitely not on anyone’s hair goals list. But unfortunately, it is becoming more common nowadays. If left untreated, such hair problems can soon turn into severe hair loss and damage. Luckily, with the right products, we can easily fix our dry hair woes and bring the much-needed moisture back into our hair! 

No Apology offers an exclusive range of the best hair conditioners for women. Our products are carefully crafted using natural ingredients to repair the damage, strengthen your hair, and make it glossier.


Coconut Milk Conditioner with Pea Protein & Wheat Protein

Enriched with the goodness of coconut milk, it conditions and transforms rough, dry, frizzy hair into stronger and shinier hair. The deep-rooted action of pea protein hydrates and strengthens your hair to give it a fuller and glossier look. Meanwhile, the wheat protein repairs damaged hair follicles and reduces the porosity of the shafts. This conditioner also contains shea butter that promotes hair growth and revitalises and moisturises hair. Vitamin E adds shine and strength to unmanageable hair and minimises hair loss, whereas green tea helps enhance the hair texture and prevents hair loss.


Moroccan Argan Conditioner With Keratin & Green Tea

Make your hair shine like never before with the richness of moroccan argan oil that strengthens hair, repairs damaged follicles and split ends, regulates frizz and slows down hair loss. The keratin helps smoothen and strengthen hair, repair damaged tresses, and eliminate hair dryness and split ends. On the other hand, the green tea leaf extract stimulates hair growth and minimises DHT (responsible for hair loss). This conditioner also contains Vitamin E, which adds shine and strength to unmanageable hair and improves hair health and shea butter which promotes hair growth and reduces scalp irritation.

So now that you know the benefits of using hair conditioners, how long should you let the product sit on your hair? Our experts recommend leaving the hair conditioner on for about five minutes before rinsing it off. 

Give your hair the proper care it deserves with our best hair conditioners!