Superfoods For Your Hair

Good hair is a result of overall health. Your hair cannot be treated individually, no matter how hard you try. Here at No Apology, we aim to serve you with products with the best of ingredients which will not only make you feel good and confident about your hair but will make heads turn your way. Your hair’s well-being necessitates a multi-pronged approach and healthy hair is just a side benefit of good health. Hair oils, masks and other external therapies are quite effective in terms of hair health. When this is combined with a healthy diet and way of life, the issue is resolved from all perspectives. 

We’re all guilty of combing our hair continuously during the winter months to avoid windswept locks and frizz created by the damp, windy weather; cold spells and constant hat wearing can be problematic for our tresses. Hairdryers and straighteners, among other modern hair styling equipment, use heat to shape and mould our hair, which can result in dried out, split ends, leaving hair looking dull and worn.

Remember that when you consume foods that strengthen your hair, you’ll also get healthier skin and stronger bones. To truly experience wonders, these are some of the superfoods you must incorporate into your diet in addition to introducing our products in your daily routine.


Flavonols, which enhance blood flow and protect hair and skin from free radicals and UV damage, are abundant in dark chocolate. Cocoa has also been shown to lower stress hormones, which helps to prevent hair loss. According to experts, all you need is 50g of 70% dark chocolate per week to acquire rich hair.


Walnuts are the only type of nut that has a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin E is also included, which can help prevent hair from UV DNA damage. These wonder-nuts also contain a bit of copper, which aids in the maintenance of hair colour and vibrancy.


Vegetarian? Without eating meat or fish, lentils are one of the finest methods to provide your body with the nutrients it needs for good hair. They are a must-have in every diet, as they are high in protein, zinc, iron and biotin. Hair develops at a slower rate and individual strands get weaker if there isn’t enough protein for keratin.


Avocados are a complete powerhouse of vitamins A, C, D, E and K, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid and iron, nourish the hair, giving it a soft and lustrous appearance. Avocados also aid to strengthen hair follicles, which prevents hair loss and gives your locks a healthier appearance.

#5: EGGS

It’s no mystery that eggs are one of the most protein-dense foods that can promote hair growth. Aside from protein, eggs are high in vitamin A, E, folate, zinc and most importantly biotin, which is thought to be a key component of healthy hair. Eggs are great for restoring dry, fragile strands and can also help with split ends.


Greens including cabbage, spinach are a great source of folate, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and iron which helps in promoting hair growth.

The adhesive substance aids in the growth of healthy hair.


Apple cider vinegar has alpha acid, which aids exfoliate scalp skin and is anti-inflammatory, which fights dandruff. Apple cider vinegar also helps in balancing the pH of our hair and scalp. Include our range of Apple cider vinegar hair-care products in your daily routine and you will not be disappointed!


We’ve been using coconut oil and drinking coconut water for years, but nobody ever mentions eating raw coconut. Well, if you didn’t already know, coconut provides a lot of health benefits for us. When it comes to hair, coconut keeps your locks healthy and avoids a variety of scalp problems. Our Coconut Milk hair care products aim to solve your hair crisis and give you healthy and luscious hair. 

Superfoods for hair are simply ordinary foods that rely on you to add the word “super” to their name by being aware of their properties and integrating them into your diet. While the subject of superfoods for hair growth is vast, superfoods have been shown to improve heart health and when integrated into a well-balanced diet, they boost your immunity. While fundamental factors like age and heredity are beyond our control, we can manage your dietary nutrient intake. 

Make sure to include these superfoods in your daily diet to see visible changes. 

Your body may thank you, but we can assure you that your hair will adore you!