Want to Know How to Choose The Best Face Mask?

Want to add a new healthy habit to your skincare routine? Yes? Then giving a try to facemask is the best thing you can do. They are easy to use, enjoyable, and yield positive results in minutes. But the question is – do you really need it? If so, then how to choose the best face mask for women? 

Let’s dig a little deeper! 


Benefits of Using a Face Mask

Face masks can be a fantastic product to add to your beauty skincare regime, and you won’t really know how much you need them until you see the benefits. They can help your skin look and feel better from the inside out. Based on its ingredients and the purpose of the mask, it can lock the moisture and ingredients in the skin and form a layer to nourish, hydrate, or exfoliate the skin. Hence, face masks deliver ingredients deeper and more potently to the skin, so whatever way they are going to benefit your skin, they will do it more quickly than other products. 

And we are not just saying it. Dr Elizabeth Tanzi, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the George Washington University Medical Center, says that “Using a mask can be a good boost to your skin care regimen.”

When it comes to searching for the best face mask for women, browsing the vast choices online can be intimidating. Plus, not all face masks are made the same way or suitable for all skin types. So, the question is how to know what to look for?


How to Choose the Best Face Mask for Your Skin?

You can see different types of facial masks these days, ranging from hydrating and brightening to soothing and exfoliating masks. They are available in exciting variants, including cucumber, green tea, honey, rose, and watermelon. Also, you can find them for specific areas of the face too. But with so many options available, how to choose the best face mask for yourself? 

To pick the best face mask, you must first identify your skin type and requirements for the best results. 

  1. Dull skin: Does your skin appear pale, dark, or pasty? If yes, then your skin is exhausted! You can restore your radiance with a peeling mask containing fruit acid enzymes as it exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal.
  2. Oily skin: If your skin feels too oily, then opt for a balancing mask. Applying a balancing mask will absorb extra sebum and control it without over-drying your skin. Invest in masks made of purifying green clay. Don’t forget to check if they contain moisturizing components to protect your skin, such as essential oils and fruit extracts.
  3. Mature skin: If you have mature skin, then the anti-ageing mask is the best face mask for you as it plumps up, softens, and thickens your skin. It can help mature skin remain moisturized, firm, and supple by hydrating properly and promoting cell revival.
  4. Dry skin: If your skin feels dry or flaky, then a moisturizing mask is ideal for you. It is high in moisturizing active ingredients, fatty substances (like avocado, shea butter, and argan oil), and soothing agents, such as thermal or floral water. It deeply moisturizes and softens the skin, making it plump and smooth. Use a moisturizing mask once a week, especially during winters, if your skin suffers from extreme dryness. 
  5. Blemished skin: A regulating face mask is the best face mask for women with blemished skin. It keeps pores closed while removing blackheads and spots. It has astringent and clay active components. You can apply such masks all over your face or only on problem areas.

Now that you know the best face mask according to your skin type, let’s look at how to use it effectively!


How to Use Face Masks Correctly?

Many women use face masks expecting quick results, whereas some only use them when their skin quality has deteriorated significantly. But for the best results, you should add a face mask into your regular skincare routine right away. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

To improve the efficacy of the face mask, make sure you do the following: 

  • Exfoliate your skin lightly before applying the face mask. 
  • Always use a face mask on a clean face.
  • Wear a face mask for the specified time only and not for any longer or shorter duration. 


Which Face Masks Should We Wear in the Summers And Winters?

When choosing the best face mask for your skin type, make sure you also consider the time of year. In the winter, you need to take special care to protect your skin from harsh cold weather conditions while keeping it nourished. For winters, hydrating face masks are best suited. On the other hand, you can opt for moisturizing and restoring masks in summers when you need to cool off your sun-kissed skin. It can also help revitalize your skin complexion and give it a refreshing and brightening boost.


How Often Should You Apply the Face Mask?

It all depends upon your skin type, specific requirements, and the mask you’re using. The packaging of each face mask mentions how long you should leave it on. The duration of this time is determined by the active ingredients of the mask. However, you can generally use clay masks 2-3 times per week and moisturizing masks 3-4 times per week. 

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