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(23 customer reviews)

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo with Silk Protein & Vitamin E – 300 ml


Ups and downs are fun, but sometimes I need to Fix My Mess and recharge. And so does my hair. A healthy dose of Apple Cider Vinegar will detox the scalp, remove dandruff and detangle the hair, while the Silk Protein and Vitamin E will improve its elasticity and restore the moisture balance. Cheers to that and much more. Together they’ll replenish, bring back the shine and, of course, fix the mess.

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Apple Cider Vinegar replenishes hair, removes dandruff and hair build-up from pollutants and is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

Silk Protein improves shine, lustre and elasticity, restores damaged hair and activates hair regeneration.

Vitamin E adds shine and strength to frizzy, damaged, unmanageable hair and promotes hair growth. 

Fenugreek is beneficial against hair fall, dandruff, dryness of hair, baldness and hair thinning.

Jatamansi keeps your hair healthy, silky, shiny and minimises greying.

Hibiscus enrich hair follicles and prevent premature greying of hair and help to retain natural colour. It prevents hair loss & scalp disorder. 

Brahmi has regenerative properties that help repair hair follicles, strengthen the scalp tissues & encourage healthy hair growth. Brahmi also supports scalp circulation, hence nourishing hair follicles and reducing hair loss.

Bhringraj Extract repairs and nourish hair follicles, strengthen the scalp and prevents greying of hair.

How To Use

Step 1: Drop a blob of the shampoo onto your palm.

Step 2: Gently apply the shampoo onto the scalp and massage your scalp in a circular motion and rinse off with water.

Step 3: For best results, follow it up with No Apology Coconut Milk Conditioner with Pea Protein & Wheat Protein Protein.


Who can use this Shampoo?

A. Both men & women above the age of 15 can use this shampoo.

Is it suitable for all hair types?

A. Yes, it is suitable for all types of dry, oily & combinations hair.

I have chemically treated hair. Can I use this shampoo?

A. Yes, this shampoo is suitable for chemically treated and colored hair .

How to use No Apology Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo?

A. Drop a blob in your palm, massage onto your scalp, rinse, repeat. At your own time, in your own space, whenever you feel like it. For best results follow it up with our No Apology Coconut Milk Conditioner with Pea Protein & Wheat Protein Protein.

What are the major benefits of No Apology Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo with Silk Protein & Vitamin E?

A. It replenishes hair, adds shine & strength to damaged, unmanageable hair, removes hair build-up from pollutants & improves hair growth making them silky.

Is this shampoo safe & made of natural ingredients?

A. Yes our shampoo is safe, free from parabens, SLS/SLES & Silicons and is also dermatologically tested for safety & is non-irritant.

Does it block DHT?

A. Yes, Apple Cider Vinegar naturally blocks DHT,a hormone responsible for hair loss.

Does it solve hair fall?

A. Yes, it is sulphate,Paraben & silicone free shampoo also having Fenugreek Extract which is beneficial against hair fall. Although, one should always know that there are various other factors such as diet, lifestyle, oiling that collectively impacts overall hair quality & hairfall.

23 reviews for Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo with Silk Protein & Vitamin E – 300 ml
  1. Namita Poi

    Really loving No Apology. They offer best products. My entire family is very happy after using these Safe & Natural products.

  2. Sadna

    My hair was damaged due to bleaching and dyeing, I can assure you after using this shampoo it has healed my hair and they feel very healthy as compared to earlier.

  3. Simran Pradhan

    If you have a very fizzy hair type then using this shampoo will make your hair really manageable. One of the best shampoo for hair I have used in recent times.

  4. sumitabeheramajhi1996

    It is the best product according to me .

  5. Dev

    I shall recommend this to everyone. It makes your hair really smooth and also straightens them to some extent. Thank you No Apology.

  6. Sahil Ansari

    This is the only shampoo that suits my hair. Thanks to No Apology Natural Hair and care products.

  7. Roshni Sahu

    Found this product by chance and after reading through the reviews gave it a try. Now, this product is the regular shampoo of my family. It smells nice and lathers well.

  8. namitapoi990

    Very nice product for hair.safe to use on all hair types.

  9. Bharat Sethi

    Best product for damaged hair. Helps in giving them shine.

  10. Simran

    This product has no side effect. I am loving it💕💕💕💕💕

  11. Deepika Rathore

    I was having dandruff problem for an year and I used almost every anti-dandruff based shampoo but I was not able to get rid of it. Then I came across this product which helped me to remove not only dandruff from my hair but also made my hair silky and smooth. Amazing products No Apology.

  12. Ashok

    This thing was very great! It has a positive effect on my hair after two to three washes. My dandruff problem is now much reduced. Thanks to No Apology.

  13. Deepak

    This is my second time purchase of this product and I just love it. Thank you No Apology.

  14. Krishn Yadav

    Very good shampoo, I just purchased this for trial purposes but after using this I have become a fan of this shampoo, no chemical, total natural shampoo.

  15. Kashvi

    Thanks to No Apology. My hair fall have reduced after using this shampoo, I love this product.

  16. Devika

    It is an awesome natural product without any harsh surfactant, it gives proper cleaning and makes it healthy. But it needs at least 2-3 times of usage to get a proper effect because it doesn’t foam, unlike the other chemical products.

  17. Divyanshi

    Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo has helped me deal with my skin build up problem. I have recommended this to lot of people.

  18. Akib

    Hair loss was an issue for me. I decided to give it a try after reading so many positive reviews. After using this shampoo, I’m overjoyed. My hair loss is significantly lessening. because of No Apology

  19. Dimpy

    I’m so happy I used this stuff. Shampoo is so powerful that it just takes two to three washes to see a difference.

  20. Neeraja

    This apple shampoo is considerably superior to any other chemical-based product that I’ve used in the past.

  21. Ankita awana

    Thank you No Apology for making this fantastic product. Its silk protein is so powerful that it strengthens my hair and reduces the amount of hair I lose. Even the fragrance of apple is very refreshing.

  22. Govind

    After using this shampoo, I’m overjoyed. My dandruff problem is significantly reducing just because of No Apology. Thanks No Apology

  23. Anuradha sharma

    I found this shampoo after a lengthy search. Its natural elements are so powerful that they have a positive impact on my hair. Thanks to No Apology

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