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(13 customer reviews)

Coconut Milk Conditioner with Pea Protein & Wheat Protein – 300ml


Sometimes I hate the attention, sometimes it’s all I want, but I expect others to Treat Me Right. Even my hair! It always loves attention; thrives on it. So why not treat it right and condition it with the vitamin-packed goodness of Coconut Milk? The deep-rooted action of Pea Protein conditions & strengthens hair while the Wheat Protein repairs damaged follicles, giving it a natural shine and bounce. No matter what my mood is, my hair will always be treated right.


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Coconut milk conditions hair and transforms rough, dry, frizzy hair into glossier & stronger hair.

Pea Protein hydrates and fortifies hair, making it look fuller and shinier.

Wheat Protein repairs damaged follicles and reduce the porosity of the shafts, giving life to hair.

Shea Butter promotes hair growth, revitalises and moisturises hair.

Vitamin E adds shine and strength to unmanageable hair and minimises hair loss.

Green Tea helps in improving the texture of hair as well as prevents hair loss.

Vitamin C increases the flow of blood, which enhances the hair follicles necessary for healthy hair growth.

How To Use

Step 1: Take a blob of the conditioner. Spread it evenly on the ends of your hair, after you’ve washed your hair with the No Apology Coconut Milk Shampoo with Pea Protein & Wheat Protein.

Step 2: Leave it on for 2-3 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse & dry.


Can I apply hair conditioner on my scalp?

A. The ends of your hair need conditioning instead of your scalp. Start applying the product from the hair shaft and run them all the way down through your hair to the edges. Do not apply to the scalp.

Can it be used on colored hair?

A. Yes, it can be used on coloured hair since it is sulphate free, Paraben free enriched with shea butter, hydrolyzed keratin protein, green tea leaf extract, Argan oil and vitamin E to ensure maximum results not impacting the hair colour.

Is it free from mineral oil?

A. Yes, it is free from mineral oil, sulphates, sls, parabens & silicons and is safe to be used by all.

How often can I use this?

A. For best results, use it twice a week, after washing your hair with No Apology Coconut Milk Shampoo with Pea Protein & Wheat Protein.

Is this a leave-in conditioner?

A. No, it is not a leave-in conditioner. You should apply it for 3-4 minutes and then rinse off thoroughly with cold water. If you are looking for a product that provides more conditioning & is leave-in too, try out our NO APOLOGY COCONUT MILK HAIR MASK WITH SOY PROTEIN, WHEAT PROTEIN & CORN PROTEIN

How does it work?

A. While shampoo will detox your hair, by gently cleaning the hair with natural ingredients, the conditioner will help to rebuild the lost proteins, which leads to healthy & strong hair making them soft & shiny.

What are the major benefits of the conditioner?

A. Our conditioner will provide intensive conditioning for rough, dull & frizzy hair giving them a new life The proteins present in it hydrates & repairs the damaged hair follicles making them stronger & glossier.

13 reviews for Coconut Milk Conditioner with Pea Protein & Wheat Protein – 300ml
  1. Sanju Sukla

    Smells really refreshing and my hair feels so good after using it. It Makes my hair glossy and soft. Must try with No Apology apple cider vinegar shampoo

  2. Bhawana verma

    After using this conditioner my hair are very silky and straight now! It feels great when I touch my hair, at first view, I was not expecting this despite after using it. Worth it. Value for money!

  3. Priya Singh

    This conditioner smoothens and nurtures hair. After using this conditioner my hair became softer and shinier. This really works like magic. Thanks to No Apology for its extensive range of hair care products.

  4. Nidhi Mandal

    Thank you to No Apology for creating such a fantastic product. It helps me to prevent hair loss.

  5. Tara vats

    I have purchased a coconut milk conditioner, after using almost a month I would say this is a good conditioner that I used so far. Also ordering No Apology Coconut Hair Mask. Lets see if it also proves its value.

  6. Rajiv Mehta

    NO APOLOGY coconut hair conditioner is very smooth after use. I would say that it makes your hair smoother and shinier. It gives a feel of international brand.

  7. Mukhi Jayanti

    Very nice product for damaged hair. Helps in giving them shine and makes them tangle free.

  8. Biswajit Parida

    My favourite product these days to use on my hair. Recommended to my friends and family too. I am happy to receive a “Thank you” from everyone I recommended to use these products.

  9. Rashmiranjita Pradhan

    Best product for damaged hair. Helps in giving them shine and lustre. Helps in dealing with unmanageable hair.

  10. Tushar Tripathi

    This is an incredible product. The texture of this product demonstrates its high quality. The conditioner’s scent was wonderful. This product was used in conjunction with No Apology Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo. My hair was silky and soft. I liked the way my hair smelled when I wash them.

  11. Sunil rao

    With its natural characteristics, this Coconut conditioner is performing wonders for my hair. The smell is also quite pleasant. With Pea protein & Wheat Protein, it has really moisturised & softened my hair. This conditioner has made me happy and delighted.

  12. Ajay Sighania

    From the past month, I’ve been using the No Apology conditioner, and it’s been fantastic. My hair has smoothed out a bit.

  13. Shalini Verma

    This is just an awesome conditioner to pair with any shampoo. All your frizz will go away. Must try.

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