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(4 customer reviews)

Moroccan Argan SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER with Keratin + KERATIN HAIR MASK (Combo) with Oat Protein, Green Tea & Ginger Root Oil


Moroccan Argan Shampoo & Conditioner With Keratin is made with a signature blend infused with the argan oil of Morocco, to help restore and strengthen your hair to silky perfection. Argan Oil is rich in natural vitamin E and super-charged antioxidants. If you feel generous and want to give your hair some special care, use Keratin Hair Mask with Moroccan Argan & Ginger Root Oil. It not only protects your hair follicles against damage and hair breakage but also improves hair texture and lustre. 

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Keratin strengthens & smoothens hair, repairs damaged tresses, eliminates hair dryness and split ends.

Moroccan Argan Oil strengthens and repairs hair follicles, repairs split ends, regulates frizz and slows down hair loss. 

Ginger root oil promotes hair health & stimulates hair growth by improving circulation to the scalp.

Aloe Vera treats hair loss, reduces dandruff, soothes the scalp and conditions hair. Aloe vera calms an itchy scalp & strengthen hair follicles, promotes the growth of healthier & shinier hair.

Vitamin C increases the flow of blood, which enhances the hair follicles necessary for healthy hair growth. 

Vitamin E adds shine and strength to unmanageable hair and improves hair health.

Shea Butter promotes hair growth and reduces scalp irritation.

Oat Protein makes hair stronger, shinier and silkier, reduces itchiness and strengthens the hair follicles.

Pea Protein helps repair hair damage caused by sun, pollution, chemicals, heat or colour treatment.

Green Tea eliminates dead skin, dirt, bacteria and other skin pollutants, and diminishes signs of ageing.

How to Use

Step 1: Drop a blob of the Moroccan Argan Shampoo With Keratin & Oat Protein onto your palm, massage it onto your scalp, rinse, and repeat, if required.

Step 2: Take a blob of the Moroccan Argan Conditioner with Keratin & Green Tea. Spread it evenly on the ends of your hair after you’ve washed your hair with the No Apology Moroccan Argan Shampoo with Keratin & Oat Protein. Leave it on for 2-3 minutes. Rinse.

Step 3: For intense strengthening & conditioning of your hair, once or twice a week, apply the No Apology Keratin Hair Mask with Moroccan Argan & Ginger Root Oil a few cm away from the scalp through the length of the hair. Comb through your hair with fingers & twist the lengths of the hair to ensure deeper penetration. Leave it for 15-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Gently pat dry with a towel and style as desired.


4 reviews for Moroccan Argan SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER with Keratin + KERATIN HAIR MASK (Combo) with Oat Protein, Green Tea & Ginger Root Oil
  1. Aakriti

    I was searching for very long for a complete Keratin solution for my weak & dull hair. Thanks to No Apology for providing me such a great combination of Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Mask. My Hair have started re -growing.

  2. Arvind Sisodia

    Thank you, No Apology, for creating such a fantastic product. My hair is strengthened and smoothed with the Keratin extract. Not only that, but it also gets rid of split ends and hair dryness. After washing my hair, I used a keratin hair mask to deep condition it, which helped my hair follicles.

  3. Nishant kothal

    I utilised a keratin hair mask to deep condition my hair after washing it with moroccan argan hair shampoo, which helped my hair follicles to become stronger and beautiful. No Apology deserves a big thank you.

  4. Aakriti

    Hair loss is an issue for me. My condition has gotten a lot better since I started utilising this combination. My hair is strengthened by keratin and argan oil. Big thanks to No Apology. You saved my money on Keratin Treatment & made my hair even stronger.

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