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(13 customer reviews)

Rhassoul Clay Face Wash with Multani Mitti, Vit B3 & Vit E- 100 ml


Regrets? Nah, because I’ll simply shake it all off and breathe again. Wash off all traces of the day, especially if it’s been a rough one. Unclog those pores with the deep-cleansing action of Rhassoul Clay and Multani Mitti. Replace that oil, grime and make-up residue with energising and nourishing Vitamin B3 and E. Allow yourself and your skin to breathe again.

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Rhassoul Clay removes dead skin and unclogs pores, has a deep cleansing action and reduces blackheads and acne.

Multani Mitti clarifies the skin, tightens pores, absorbs excess oil, reduces acne and calms inflammation.

Vitamin B3 makes skin glow, keeps it smooth and moisturised, and regulates the secretion of oil.

Vitamin E reverses premature skin ageing, rejuvenates and restores dehydrated skin, and protects it from oxidative damage by removing free radicals.

Vitamin C boosts youthfulness, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and slows down ageing.

Licorice Extract reduces skin inflammation and hyperpigmentation.

Aloe Vera tightens skin pores, reduces redness, removes toxins and cleanses the skin from oil, dirt and grime. Kaolin acts as a natural exfoliator & detoxifier, making skin soft & healthy.

Neem reduces dark spots, pigmentation, blemishes and any kind of redness on your skin.

How To Use

Step 1: Wash off all traces of the day? Drop a blob on your palm, and gently scrub it onto your face in a circular motion for a couple of minutes.

Step 2: Rinse it off with water.

Step 3: For best results, use the No Apology 3-IN-1 Green Tea, Caffeine & VIT.C Gel Face Mask With AFE after this.


How to use it?

Any time you feel your skin needs to breathe again, drop a blob in your palm, gently scrub onto your face in a circular motion for a couple of minutes, rinse.

How often should I use it?

For best results, use it twice every day. Once in the morning before you step out and in the evening after stepping into your comfort zone.

Can I use this facewash if I have oily skin?

Yes,you can use this facewash if you have oily skin. As both Multani Mitti & Vitamin B3 absorb and regulate the excess skin oil.

What are the key benefits of No Apology Rhassoul Clay face wash?

No Apology Rhassoul Clay face wash is a chemical free face wash which fights acne,cleanse impurities and improves skin elasticity. It also absorbs excess oil from the skin and reduces dullness & damage caused by UV rays making skin soft and smooth.

Can men use it?

Yes, the face wash is suitable for both men and women.

I heard that Rhassoul clay is synthetic & is not safe for skin. Is it so?

Rhassoul is a natural clay mined from the Atlas mountains in North Africa. It contains large amount of Calcium, Potassium,Magnesium & Silica which removes bacterias, toxins & dead skin cells thus providing a natural shine and glow to skin.

Is this face wash safe & made of natural ingredients?

A. Yes our face wash is safe, free from parabens, SLS/SLES & Silicons and is also dermatologically tested for safety & is non-irritant.

13 reviews for Rhassoul Clay Face Wash with Multani Mitti, Vit B3 & Vit E- 100 ml
  1. Aman mehra

    It’s a pleasure to use. After trying a variety of facial washes, I settled on this one, Must Try👍👍

  2. Vishal Jha

    For individuals who suffer from pimples & oily skin, this is an excellent product. The first time you use it, you will notice a significant change. No Apology thank you for this Clay face wash.

  3. Sushmita Dwivedi

    This is a fantastic product that is well worth purchasing. There’s nothing in this that I don’t enjoy.

  4. Ragini

    This is a completely natural item. It deeply cleanses your skin, giving you a more youthful appearance and a sense of vitality.

  5. Nalini Sagar

    This face wash helped me in removing dark spots from my skin. It contains Rhassoul clay, which controls oil and promotes a healthy glow. Thanks to No apology for this incredible product.

  6. Soni Rai

    The natural ingredients in this product provide you with the assurance that it is unlike other full chemical-based goods. Thanks to No Apology

  7. Shudhansu

    This product has Multani Mitti in it, which is the best to brighten my skin. I tried this product and I noticed that my skin is glowing.

  8. Subhash Aggarwal

    Clay face wash by No Apology is an awesome product. It cleans all dirt and gives a fresh feeling.

  9. Simran Pradhan

    100% Natural product. It has deep cleansed me skin and has given me a better look and Freshness to my skin. I highly recommend it to all. 👌👌

  10. Riya Mishra

    With Multani Mitti & Rhassoul Clay, it’s really soothing my skin. I felt the difference in just 5 washes and the fragrance is really refreshing. Very helpful for oily skin. Thanks No Apology.

  11. Amitesh Raj

    The product can only be described in one word: fantastic. It’s an incredible thing to use. It aids in the removal of tan and deep cleansing of your skin. I liked the texture and the relaxing feel.

  12. Kunal Solanki

    I’m thankful I came across this face wash. Made with natural ingredients, this cleanser is soft on the skin and thoroughly cleansed.

  13. Hemant Shah

    I am really enamored with this product. My black spot gradually vanished after about a month of use. Not only that, but it also aided in quick brightness.

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