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Vit. C & Hyaluronic Acid SERUM + Rhassoul Clay FACE WASH with Multani Mitti, Vit. B3 & Vit. E + 3-IN-1 Green Tea, Caffeine & Vit. C GEL FACE MASK with AFE


Vitamin C is touted as one of the best anti-ageing ingredients on the market and Rhassoul Clay, sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, has emerged as a powerful, toxin-free skincare product. This combo gives you the best of both these incredible ingredients. 

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Vitamin C boosts youthfulness, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and slows ageing. Brightens & smoothes skin.

Hyaluronic Acid retains skin moisture, increasing firmness and suppleness, removes loose flakes from dry skin, revitalising it.

Vitamin E reverses premature skin ageing, rejuvenates and restores dehydrated skin, and protects it from oxidative damage by removing free radicals.

Rhassoul Clay removes dead skin and unclogs pores, has a deep cleansing action and reduces blackheads and acne.

Multani Mitti clarifies the skin, tightens pores, absorbs excess oil, reduces acne and calms inflammation.

Vitamin B3 makes skin glow, keeps it smooth and moisturised, and regulates the secretion of oil.

Green Tea eliminates dead skin, dirt, bacteria and other skin pollutants, and diminishes signs of ageing.

Caffeine not only revives and brightens your mood but also your skin. It minimizes puffiness, dark circles, sun spots, redness and the appearance of fine lines and tightens the skin.

AFE, extracted from French Polynesian Sea Waters, dispels harmful PM 2.5 pollutant particles, soothes, hydrates, repairs and rejuvenates skin, making it supple.

Aloe Vera tightens skin pores, reduces redness, removes toxins and cleanses the skin from oil, dirt and grime.

Witch Hazel reduces oil and microbial growth from skin surface, makes it firm. Tightens pores and improves skin tone.

Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract helps the skin look smooth, radiant and dewy fresh. It helps the skin resist signs of ageing like dull skin, dry fine lines and uneven skin tone and texture.

How to Use

Step 1: Whenever your skin needs a boost of freshness, drop a blob of the Rhassoul Clay Face wash with Multani Mitti, Vit B3 & Vitamin E onto your palm, gently scrub onto your face in a circular motion for a couple of minutes and rinse.

Step 2: Drop a coin-sized scoop of the 3-IN-1 Green Tea, Caffeine & Vit.C Gel Face Mask With AFE onto your palm and gently massage it onto your face in a circular motion. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse.

Step 3: Drop a pea-sized blob of the Vit C & Hyaluronic Acid Serum in your palm, and gently massage onto the face in a circular motion. Use it twice a day, for best results.

5 reviews for Vit. C & Hyaluronic Acid SERUM + Rhassoul Clay FACE WASH with Multani Mitti, Vit. B3 & Vit. E + 3-IN-1 Green Tea, Caffeine & Vit. C GEL FACE MASK with AFE
  1. Aditya Diwan

    Aloe vera is one of my favourite plants. No Apology deserves credit for producing this set, which contains Aloe Vera extract, which helps to tighten pores, reduce redness, remove toxins, and cleanse the skin of oil, dirt and grime.

  2. Kuldeep

    Exceptional product! I have used Serums earlier also but this is the first time I’ve ever used a product that contains rhassoul clay. Green Tea & coffee also worked magic on my face. Thank you No Apology for providing such a great product.

  3. Keshav

    This is a good product! My face has blackheads and acne. Thanks to No Apology for creating such a wonderful product that includes Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C. Even Rhassoul Clay eliminates dead skin and unclogs pores. My blackheads are removed to a larger extent.

  4. Vimlesh

    This is a fantastic combination! Vitamin C , Clay, Multani Mitti, Rhassoul clay cleansed my skin, tightened pores, and absorbdd excess oil. It also helped to minimise acne and inflammation, which is my top priority.

  5. Mahendra Sood

    This is a fantastic product! It aids in the removal of dead skin cells, dirt, germs, and other impurities from my skin. It has a pleasant Witch Hazel scent.

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